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Residential Services

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What makes us different and gives us the edge on our market is that we connect with people. At ABR Electric we have a host of hugely talented and professional electricians who greatly contribute to the credibility of our company.





Local Electricians

Collin County

ABR electric in McKinney TX has been installing electrical services for years. We can install all sorts of custom lighting, outdoor lighting, as well as relaxed and soothing lighting effect for your patio. Call our team and we can help design based your backyard experience  on the mood you would like to convey.

When you enter a room, the quality of lighting that we provide will be clear. We can also create interior designs and use recessed lights for optimal effects 

Serving Collin County TX area ABR Electric can perform new and remodel work, as well as residential service work. Fully capable of handling jobs of all sizes, our knowledgeable and professional technicians will diagnose your electrical problems quickly and recommend only the work you need.

We're McKinney's leading electricians. We've been installing services for years and we have the knowledge to help you create any mood with our amazing lighting design skills! Come talk to us at ABR Electric today. When it comes to lighting up your backyard, we're the team for you. 


Electrical Repairs

Contact our team of experienced electricians for a quick fix! Our experts can diagnose and resolve any problem you may come across, without the hassle. We have highly skilled master electricians who can quickly troubleshoot any problem you may come across.   Contact us for hassle-free service  .

EV Charger Installation

ABR Electric is the #1 Tesla EV Charging installers in North Texas. Our team of dedicated specialists offer high-powered EV chargers that will quickly and easily charge your electric vehicle so you can start enjoying your electric car to the fullest. We're here to solve your charging problem! ABR Electric is an experienced company that will come install electric outlets for you to charge their cars at home without worry about not finding enough power sources available.

Standby or Portable Generator Installations?

North Texans should install a standby, back-up generator instead of using just their portable unit. The best part about whole home generators is that they can start automatically when needed. 

Breaker Panel Upgrades

ABR Electric in McKinney TX has been installing Breaker boxes for decades now. McKinney homeowners should call ABR Electric for upgrading your home's breaker box panel.  Federal Pacific Panels can cause problems for you, so why not replace them with something that can give you and your family peace of mind? 

In addition we offer consulting services on the type of panel that best suits your electrical needs

Whole house Surge Protection

Whole house surge protectors are a must for any home that contains sensitive electronics, such as computers and TV's. Not only do these devices give you the power to guard your valuable data against outside interference but also damage caused by voltage surges generated within an electrical system!

Recessed Lighting Installs

Recessed lighting is an affordable and stylish way to create the perfect blend of form, function. It can highlight your room's best features while improving shadows or adding ambiance in hard-to light areas like a closet without expensive installing recessed cans!



ABR Electric in McKinney, TX is a Generac Certified Dealer. Your Generac generator's warranty may be VOIDED ENTIRELY if it was not installed correctly. ABR Electric has the knowledge and training to install your Generac generator according to manufacturer guidelines.